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Dear solopreneur / freelancer / side hustler / wearer of all the hats

You deserve to reclaim more time and energy for the things that matter most to you now you have left the 9-5 behind.

You’re fed up with spending money on expensive planners which leave you feeling guilty when you don’t use them.

Time management books don’t speak to what you actually need from your day.

You’re ready to get 1:1 support to design a structure for your day that really works for you.

Louisa Daubney

Hi, I’m Louisa, a Time Design Coach.

Modern life often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. It doesn’t have to be this way.

After becoming deeply frustrated about how I was spending my time after leaving my 9-5 role and retraining as a personal performance coach, and then establishing my business, I learnt how to structure my day in a way that worked for me. Now I want to share my learnings with you too.

I’m based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire but I work with women all over the world through the power of Zoom.

I know that even though you ditched the corporate world and regular burnout to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life, you’re frustrated and feeling lacklustre about the pattern you’ve fallen into…

You keep catching yourself thinking, “Why am I turning into my own worst boss?!” And you’ve secretly been wondering if you’re really cut out for this free flowing thing after all.

Your other half has given you The Look on more than one occasion for just checking those emails one last time before bed. You’ve become chained to your phone and it’s impacting more than your sleep.

You still feel trapped doing what you feel you should be doing just so you can say “I’ve had a ‘productive’” day, rather than doing what sets your soul on fire. 

You’re ashamed to admit that you let Netflix decide for you how many episodes of your favourite series you’ll be watching tonight. Is procrastination your middle name now? You remember managing your time brilliantly when you were employed and now you’re wondering, “Why can’t I do it as effectively now I’m the boss?”

It doesn’t need to be this way

It’s time to..

Create a rhythm to your day that’s aligned to your energy flows

Know that your newly created daily structure will keep you on track and protect you from making impulsive decisions driven by emotions or the attraction of the newest course, book, or freebie you stumble upon when you get distracted.

Finish your working day feeling fulfilled instead of frazzled and ready to enjoy spending time with your loved ones

It’s time for you to make more soulful decisions.

Let’s design your day (before, during and after work) your way to include time for YOU, as well as space for creativity, now you’ve left the 9-5 behind.

To craft a day that boosts your energy.

To feel like your day has nourished, inspired and fulfilled you – this is the kind of day that gives back, instead of taking away.

To reach a place where your default is mindful, over mindless activities when it comes to unwinding.

It’s time to reclaim your time from all those unfulfilling distractions.

To spark more joy in your life and business. To reconnect with who you really are.

And to find a flow to your day, manage your energy and creativity, and spend more time doing what you love, without burning out.

Imagine yourself saying

“I value my time and am earning more, whilst working less – and have so much more clarity. I’m also starting to say no – to requests from loved ones, the local PTA or well meaning colleagues so that I can stay focused and balanced.”

“I finally have energy at the end of the day for the fun stuff! I’m back to meditating, regular walks and tending the garden. It feels so good, being reconnected with my inner self.”

“My head is fizzing with new ideas for creative projects I can’t wait to get stuck into – and I have everything I need in place to prioritise these.”

“I’m focusing my energy and attention on what will actually shift the needle in my business – and I’m already seeing the difference this makes. I’m much more ruthlessly efficient with my action list.”

Let’s work together to spark more joy in your life and business

Your Day Your Way Power Hour

Create more focus and flow with 1-2-1 support. Let’s get you unstuck – and shift you forward in your business.

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Revitalise your daily schedule with the Time and Energy Audit

Revamp your schedule and reclaim more of your time, energy and attention for the things that matter most to you during this 90 minute 1-2-1 session.

Rebalance your time and energy

This 3 month, 1-2-1 programme will help you to get back on track and focused on what actually matters to you. Let’s unlock fulfilment and freedom.

Find out more about how I work with female solopreneurs, freelancers, side hustlers, and 4 day working weekers like you to bring more focus, flow and flair to your day without the burnout.

By working together, my intention is for you to feel clearer about your goals, know how to translate them into daily actions and know how to structure your day to make it work harder for you.

Look who’s discovered their way

Before my session with Louisa I had been feeling totally overwhelmed balancing day-to-day tasks, motherhood, life admin, whilst being full-time carer and advocate for our son. I couldn’t see how to reduce my to-do list or create more time for myself.

After one session with Louisa I’ve cleared the important tasks on my to-do list while feeling calmer and more organised than I have in a long time.

Louisa helped me clarify my priorities and shift my mindset so that I approach life differently. I’m amazed by how different I’m feeling after only one session with Louisa!


Having experienced burnout, I was interested to see what else I could learn to help me choose how to better expend my energy and time.

So much of Louisa’s creative and energetic workshop both informed and challenged me to review how effective and productive I am in my work.

Ably facilitated by Louisa, I picked up additional tips from others in the session which I have already implemented to help me work smarter.


Time for some inspiration?

Read my latest blogs to get tips on how to reclaim more time and energy for the things that matter most to you.

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