Revitalise your daily schedule with the Business Time and Energy Audit

A 90 minute 1-2-1 session to bring new structure to your day so you can reclaim more of your time, energy and attention for the things that matter most to you.

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Dear wonderful solopreneur,

Are you ready to structure your day your way and start taking more consistent action towards achieving your goals?

It’s time to discover the magic of creating a purposeful daily structure that aligns your time, energy, and attention with what truly matters to you.

I see you ….

Constantly questioning where your time is going.

Feeling like you have very little ‘to show’ for the time you’ve spent working on key projects when you review your progress at the end of each month.

Why does everything take so long?

I used to be the ‘organised one’.

Now look at me!

Feeling controlled by your ever growing to-do list of smaller tasks.

 Afraid you’re moving further away from making any progress towards your actual goals.

You just don’t have the headspace to take control but something has got to change.

You can’t carry on like this, your loved ones are thinking you may have been better off working a ‘normal 9-5 job’.

Fed up with having:

watched the workshops, read all the recommended books (or to be honest, skimmed), and bought the expensive planning aids which leave you feeling guilty when you don’t fill them in every day.

And still feeling like with all the tools in the world, your day still runs away from you, instead of the other way round.

You’re starting to believe you’re just not cut out for this whole ‘manage your own time’ thing.

Feeling frustrated with how you end up spending your day? 

Constantly saying to yourself:

I should know how to organise my time.

I‘ve always been ‘the organised one’

It’s ok, I’ve got you.

This process takes time.

And the good news, I can help you speed it up and get back you back on track and doing more of what you love because…

I’ve designed this Time and Energy Audit for you if you want to start …

Jumping out of bed feeling motivated, focused and energised because you know how you’re going to spend your day.

Knowing that your day is filled with a variety of different tasks and projects to keep you engaged and aligned to your goals.

Feeling confident that you’ll take regular guilt-free breaks during the day to keep your energy levels topped up, and leaving enough in the tank to enjoy your evening too.

Saying a gentle and assertive no to more requests from well-meaning people asking for your help because you now know that many of these requests just don’t fill up your cup or move you towards your goals.

Feeling excited about reviewing the new structure you’ve created, that’s keeping you on track. Making tweaks as you go to ensure that it keeps doing the hard work so you don’t have to.

Receiving compliments from loved ones who are noticing that something is changingYou have more time, energy and attention for us!

Using my 10 Step Approach to Mastering Your Schedule,

let’s work together to develop a new framework to your day so that you can:

  • Reclaim more of your time to focus on the projects and tasks that align to your goals.
  • Energise your days to sustain your energy more effectively throughout the day and feel excited about what you’re working on.
  • Sharpen your focus to keep those distractions at bay and feel motivated to work on your priority tasks and projects.

The Time and Energy Audit will empower you to start cutting through that heavy feeling of overwhelm and take back control of your day.

When you invest in this process, you will explore:

  • How aligned your top 3-5 goals (e.g. for your business, your well-being and that passion project) are to your daily schedule.
  • What’s missing for the currrent structure to your day.
  • How you’re spending your time each day (is it really on your phone?).
  • How much time you could reclaim to focus on what matters most to you.
  • Which ONE boundary you’d love to put in place because it’s currently taking up too much of your valuable time.  Time, which you would (if you’re being honest with yourself), prefer to be spending on something else.
  • How well you’re managing your energy highs and lows each day.

    By the end of our session together, you will have:

    • Broken down ONE of your goals into a set of realistic, bite-size chunks and scheduled into your calendar when you’re going take action, on a consistent basis.

    • Discovered how you currently spend your time, what changes you’d like to make, and how you’ll start implementing them.

    • Started mapping out the key elements that you’d like to integrate into your day and how to start taking action.

    • Explored ONE boundary you’d like to put in place and created a plan for how to feel more confident and empowered to say no next time.

    • Created a bulletproof plan to carve out time every day for a self-care habit that gives you some guilt-free time to take care of you. Yes, just you.

    • Committed to ONE action you’re going to take to manage your energy so that you still have energy in the tank to enjoy your evenings with loved ones.

    Paving the way for a more purposeful and intentional approach to your daily schedule.

      How it works

      • Onboarding questionnaire completed before the session to gain key insights which we’ll explore in greater detail during our session together.
      • 1 x one-to-one 90 minute session with me via zoom.
      • Recording and a summary of the session – no need to take detailed notes.
      • 7 days of Voxer or email support immediately after the session to support you to start taking action and manage any mindset blocks that might pop up.
      • A set of questions (sent 7 days after the session) to give you a chance to reflect on your learnings and insights from the session as well as the impact of starting to take action.
      • Suggestions on tools and techniques to support you on your own personal journey (e.g. suggestions on meditations, books about topics we discuss during the session, and other exercises to try)

      Your investment


      Understanding how you work

      I was very impressed that in just one session, Louisa was able to help me come to my own conclusions about what is getting in the way of me completing some key tasks on my daily to-do list. Her coaching style is fun, relaxed – the perfect environment to re-evaluate time management issues in a constructive and non-critical way.

      Sarah Halliday

      This Business Time and Energy Audit is for you if... 

      • You want to know what’s really taking up your time and stopping you from focusing on what matters each day (is it really my phone?) and start building a structure to your day that aligns to your goals.
      • You want to take control of your to-do list of small tasks that aren’t really helping you move forward in your business instead of letting it dictate your day.
      • You have a set of goals for your business and that passion project you’re desperate to start, and would love to have a step by step plan to start taking regular imperfect action.
      • You know you want to start establishing some new boundaries and would love to know how to feel more confident saying a gentle and assertive no to more requests asking for your help.
      • You desperately need to take time for some self-care activities every day to sustain your energy levels as you build your business, and would love to know how to build some morning rituals and self-care habits into your day that you feel you can actually stick to.
      • You’re excited about creating a successful business and want to create a structure to your day that supports your business goals and also allows you to enjoy your evenings with loved ones without immediately reaching for a glass of wine or craving a night in front of Netflix.
      • You’ve read all the time management books and listened to countless TED Talks and now is the time to get an outside perspective and finally break free and create a lifestyle that allows you to be there for your loved ones and your business.

      Understanding what’s getting in the way

      The session was so helpful it gave me clarity and a reframe on how I could move forward to design my morning and feel fulfilled. Louisa’s coaching allowed me to bring my mindset blocks to light and find a new way to approach my working morning.


      Guiding you as you build a structure to your day that gives you more.

      Having transitioned from a career working for two major UK charities to retrain as a personal performance coach, I now work with women like you to create more structure to your day. 

      My focus is on helping you to reclaim your time, energy, and attention for the things that matter most to you.

      In the face of the overwhelming and burnout-inducing nature of modern life, I believe there’s a better way forward.

      Reflecting on my own frustration with how I spent my time post my 9-5 life and during the establishment of my coaching business, I’ve been on my own journey of discovery to figure out how to create a structure to my day that aligns more closely with my goals and without burning out.

      Now you get to skip some of those steps (saving you valuable time and tears!) and jump straight to the secrets and wisdom I discovered along the way.

      Louisa Daubney Time Design Coach

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a Business Time and Energy Audit?

      I’ve designed this 90-minute session to redefine not just how you allocate and spend your time, but also how you manage your energy and, direct your focus too.

      My mission is to work with you to build a structure to your day that aligns to your goals, creates time for guilt-free regular breaks to sustain your energy and maintains your focus.

      This tailor-made structure will pave the way for a more purposeful and intentional approach to your daily schedule.

      By the end of the session you will come away with a structure for your daily schedule, a set of actionable steps to start integrating your new structure, and a newfound confidence in making decisions about how you want to allocate your time, manage your energy, and direct your attention.

      Paving the way for a more purposeful and intentional approach to your daily schedule.


      What do I need to do before the Business Time and Energy Audit session?

      I’m glad you asked this! So that we can make the best use of our 90 minute session, I’ll share a comprehensive questionnaire for you to complete. Filling this in as honestly as possible, will give us lots of clues and information about what’s going on right now with how you are spending your time, and what’s stopping you from managing your time, energy and attention more effectively. Expect a few light bulb moments along the way!



      What kind of questions will you ask in the questionnaire?

      The results of the questionnaire will act as the ‘roadmap’ for our 90 minute session together. I’ll share this ahead of the session for you to complete. They’ll cover questions such as:

      • What are your top 3 goals?
      • How well is your schedule supporting you to achieve these goals?
      • What patterns have you noticed about how you allocate and spend your time?
      • How well are you managing your energy throughout the day?
      • How often do distractions creep in and take you off course?
      What will we cover in the session?

      During this session, I will ask a series of open questions as we:

      • Gather insights from the results of your onboarding questionnaire.
      • Review a recent example of your weekly schedule to understand where your time is really being spent.
      • Assess how effectively your current schedule is supporting your goals, your energy levels and your attention.
      • Work out what helps you focus more effectively and how to keep those distractions at bay.
      • Gain clarity on the specific changes you’d like to make to your schedule.
      • Create a framework to structure your day that aligns more closely to your goals;  your energy levels and your attention.

      By the end of the session, you will come away with:

      • A personalized framework to structure your daily schedule.
      • A practical set of actions to initiate the implementation of your schedule.
      What happens after the session?

      There’s plenty more support…

       Recording of the session and summary of our conversation:

      You’ll be able to listen to the recording for further insights from our session in the future. I’ll also provide a set of summary notes for your reflection and reference.

      ➡ An opportunity to ask questions after our session:

      You’ll receive 7 days of support via Voxer or email immediately after the session to support you to start taking action and manage any mindset blocks that might pop up.

      ➡ Reflective Questions (one week after):

      I’ll share a set of questions to give you a chance to reflect on your learnings and insights from the session as well as the impact of starting to take action.

      Book a session today.

      Your Business Time and Energy Audit isn’t just a tool for managing time; it’s an investment in crafting a life that’s more aligned with who you want to be.