Bringing an extra boost of energy and motivation to your Monday mornings!

Let’s focus your time and energy on what matters most to you.

Louisa Time Design Coach

Instead of crawling to your desk on a Monday morning loaded up with caffeine, with a never ending to do list, half finished projects, and a full inbox to greet you, what if you could lighten the mental load, gain more clarity about your priorities and have a schedule for the week that works for you in your hand by 10:30 AM?

Let’s work together to create more focus.

My mission is to help you take back control of your time, so that you can give more of your attention, energy, passion and motivation to what matters most to you, instead of: feeling overwhelmed by all the actions you could take for your business; being constantly available for everyone else but yourself, your business, your well-being and/or your passion project; and getting distracted by tasks that you notice around the house (can they wait until you have spent a couple of hours on the project that makes you feel fulfilled and on top of the world when you give yourself the time to focus?).  

I see you ….

Desperately wanting to start a new project e.g. overhauling your website or writing a regular blog post, but the prospect of getting started, let alone making a commitment to seeing it through, feels overwhelming in itself – how will I find the time, energy and motivation? But at the same time, I know this is important for my business, I hear you say.


Struggling to know what to spend your precious time and energy focusing on each day because you feel overwhelmed by everything that you could do for your business, and seeking solace instead, in doing yet another course and saying to yourself – at least I am doing something practical for an hour each day.

Setting high expectations about what you want to achieve every day but finishing work most days feeling frustrated that you haven’t accomplished ‘enough’ and beating yourself up about what you haven’t managed to get done rather than focusing on what you did achieve during the day (which I reckon was pretty awesome for someone who is running this business single handed without a team or a boss for support)

Hey there, wonderful solopreneur, let’s give you that extra boost on a Monday morning!


Starting the week knowing that you have a realistic weekly plan in place that will help you focus your attention on what matters to you, your well-being and your business.

Developing the clarity you need to make better choices about what to focus your mind, energy and attention on, and no longer feeling that you need to ‘do everything’.

Feeling more grounded, focused and energised by the new set of morning rituals and regular breaks that you are now starting to do every day because you know deep down that you feel better for taking a little more care of yourself (and you have more energy and focus for your business) but you feel guilty about taking the time just for you.

Feeling in control of the distractions rather than them controlling you and, noticing the extra time and energy you have as a result of turning them from mindless into mindful activities.

Understanding your energy highs and lows and creating a schedule of activity that matches your energy levels more effectively.

Having more motivation, energy and focus for your priority projects within your business and your life because you are being more discerning about which projects matter most to you right now (what can you realistically achieve over this quarter? What did you learn from the last quarter?).

Feeling more confident about saying no (which is a sentence not just one word) because you are now developing a set of boundaries to protect your time and energy

Finding focus and flow to your week…

“Louisa guided me with thoughtful exercises and powerful questions to reflect on what’s important to me and how I want to use my time and energy.

She didn’t profess to having a one size fits all solution, but encouraged each of us to find our own truth.

It was a very enlightening and affirming experience for me that’s given me clarity about how I want to design my days”.

Bec Fowler, Participant at my ‘Create a daily schedule that you love’ Workshop

“Louisa had great energy” 

“You covered in a hour, what could have taken a day to cover”

Participants at my ‘Create a Daily Schedule That you Love’ Workshop

What’s included?

A weekly 60 minute meeting

every Monday morning from 9:30-10:30 on zoom

Deep dive into each of the 10 Steps of Mastering Your Schedule

Each week, we will take each step in turn, to help you to create your own unique framework and build a daily routine that sticks. When you join the memberhsip, you will receive a free copy of my Time Audit framework. This resource has been designed to assist you in determining when to complete your routine tasks, to save you time and energy to focus on what matters most to you.

Guided questions to create a realistic and fulfilling schedule for the week

giving your intuition lead the way and allowing yourself the time, space and opportunity to make more soulful decisions about how you want to spend your time e.g. on your business, your well-being and/or a passion project. As well as reflecting on the previous week and making any necessary tweaks to your personal How to Master Your Schedule framework.

Monday Momentum Moment E-newsletter

By signing up to my Monday momentum meetups, you will also receive my weekly e-newsletter which focuses on ONE top tip to build a healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationship with time.

Future Plans

I have lots of ideas for how to build this membership and look forward to learning from you about what you would find most useful for us to explore to support you to find more focus, flow and fulfilment to your day. For example:

  • Monthly Mastermind sessions
  • 5 day challenges – the time and energy Saving Challenge
  • Regular workshops covering topics such as: How to beat procrastination; How to manage your diary
  • A Book Club discussing the most popular time management books* and testing out the theories and exercises.

* My current favourites include: Atomic Habits, James Clear; The One Thing, Gary Keller with Jay Papsan; Essentialism, Greg McKeown; and; Indistractable, Nir Eyal with Julie Li.

How much does it cost?

As a founding member, it’s a monthly fee of £20.

That’s £5 per session to receive bags of inspiration, encouragement and insightful questions to help you:

– work through the 10 steps of  Master Your Daily Schedule and create a daily routine that sticks for YOU

– get greater clarity about what projects matter most to you

– create a set of realistic weekly goals and daily actions

– design a schedule that works for you and your individual needs

And come away from each session with a realistic and achievable plan that you have created and makes you feel excited about implementing over the course of the week. 

How does that sound?

Your focus and flow champion

Hi, I’m Louisa – your Time Design Coach!

I love helping solopreneurs redefine their relationship with time in order to lead a more fulfilling life without the frazzle.

I’m really excited about running these meetups and seeing what happens when a group of awesome female solopreneurs come together to share their challenges with managing their time and lift each other up to feel empowered to bring about changes in how they design their schedules to create more opportunities for joy and fulfilment. 

I’ll support you to design a day (before, during and after work) that sparks joy and creativity rather than anxiety, frustration, and fear of burnout – step by step. To have space for creativity. To find your focus and flow. To manage your energy and creativity. And, ultimately, to get you spending more time doing what you love, without burning out.

No quick fix solutions, no complicated and expensive time management systems or tools, no beating yourself up for not being ‘productive’. We’re all about nourishing, fulfilling and purposeful days around here.

Louisa Daubney Time Design Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

My time is tight, especially on a Monday morning when I just want to get cracking. What can we realistically cover in an hour?

Great question! I recently facilitated a workshop at a festival with a wonderful group of women. At the end of the session, one of the participants said that it could have taken a whole day to cover what we covered in the one hour session.

The purpose of this weekly meetup is to help you gain more clarity about what you are going to focus on during the week (and why), and more confidence about how to manage your mindset as well as those pesky distractions that set out to take away your attention, energy and focus, and instead, concentrate on what matters most to you.

My intention for these sessions – and I am still in the experimenting phase as this is a new project for me – is to ask you a series of questions (which is what coaches do! I’m afraid we’re not there to offer advice) and open up a space for you to take a closer, more intuitive look at the planning aids (e.g. diary, calendar, planner, business plan, to do list etc) you use to help you plan your week, reflect on what’s a realistic set of tasks to focus on and, make more soulful decisions about how you want to design your day your way to support you, your wellbeing, your business and/or your passion project.

I’ve got a great planner, how will these sessions help?

I have got a couple of great planners too and yes, writing things done takes you a step closer to taking action. 

However, what attracted you to learning more about my Monday momentum meetups? Is there something that your planning aid isn’t giving you?

One of the things I’m super excited about with these sessions, is that we will get to explore our individual relationships with time as well as learn from each other, and take the time to reflect on topics such as:

  • What are the elements we need in place to help us to get into that magical flow state? 
  • What helps us to be truly focused on a particular task or project?
  • How do we manage the distractions that often suck our time, energy and focus?

And for some of my clients, talking about these topics has helped them to no longer feel alone. There’s a real power in being able to say – It’s a weight off my shoulders to know that it’s not just me that feels this way. 

As a solopreneur who may have worked for a corporate for many years with a boss who would check in with you from time to time, as well as colleagues to work with, it can feel pretty lonely at times. 

You’re your own boss now and you get to make the rules about how you want to work. What are the old ways that you want to break free from, so that you can start designing and living your daily schedule your way, so that it meets your needs?

Isn’t coaching all about setting goals and asking lots of questions, how is that going to be useful in these sessions?

Yes, you’re right. When I work with a client on a 1:1 basis, I will work with them to understand what goals they would like to set for themselves, spend the sessions focusing on the goal/s and working towards achieving them by asking a series of curious questions to help the client open up their thinking. 


My Monday momentum meet ups will be slightly different in so far as we won’t be setting specific goals, however I will be asking you a series of questions to help you to create a daily schedule that you love and gives you more of what you want e.g. a sense of fulfilment, less frazzle – you get to decide!

Will you share the replays?

Yes, I will email the replays after each session.

Do I have to come along each week?

Come along as often as you like – depending on what works for you and your schedule. I’m a big fan of building routines, so I would encourage you to consider making this a regular commitment if you want to take the time and space to: think about how you want to build a weekly schedule that works for you, and reflect on how much you are putting on your plate each week, what impact that has for you and start making more intuitive and soulful decisions about how you spend your time, to feel more fulfilled and less frazzled.

Sounds great, count me in! How do I sign up?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards designing a daily schedule that focuses on what matters most to you.

Whilst I get my systems automated (apologies for the delay, but these processes have a habit of taking longer to create than you expect!). 

  • Drop me a quick email at to let me know that you would like to join the meetups. 
  • I’ll send you the payment details to complete and a copy of the membership agreement to review and sign.
  • Once the payment has been made and the agreement has been signed, I’ll send you the zoom link to join the sessions. They will start at 9:30 am on a Monday and run for up to an hour.
How does the payments system work?

I’m in the process of setting up a payments page using Stripe. Once you have emailed me to express your interest in joining the Monday Momentum Meet Up, I’ll send you a link (or an invoice if the payments page isn’t quite ready yet), to set up the direct debit payment (or an initial payment if it’s via an invoice).

How do I get the maximum benefit from the meetups?

Another great question! I think there are a few things to consider here:

  • How clear are you about your goals for you, your wellbeing, your business and/or a passion project? If you have clarity about your goals, it will make it easier to set your weekly goals.
  • How motivated are you to do the work, and start committing to a series of weekly goals and daily actions that truly matter to you? I think there’s a magic in getting really clear on your weekly goals and then creating a daily schedule that reflects the actions you want to take towards those goals.
  • How committed are you to taking an hour for yourself every Monday morning (or how ever often works for you and your current schedule) to: think about how you want your week to look, feel and sound like and, consider what changes you could make, to bring more joy and fulfilment to your day? 
Who else will be attending these meetups?

I will be opening up these sessions to wonderful women solopreneurs just like you who are passionate about serving their clients, value the importance of looking after themselves, and want time to develop a passion project, alongside all the other commitments they have in their lives, but struggle to fit it all in, and end up feeling frazzled and frustrated, rather than focused and fulfilled. 

Can I opt out if I realise it isn’t for me?

Of course, there will be no hard feelings. I would love your feedback though, as I’m super passionate about helping fellow women solopreneurs to focus their time, energy and motivation on what matters most to them, and any ideas you have for how I can improve these sessions, will be gratefully received!

What if I would like more individual support?

If you are finding the sessions useful but would like more focused 1:1 support, then book in for a discovery call to find out more about my 1:1 Power Hour or my 3 month Rebalance programme and whether one of these programmes would be a good fit for you. 

Together, let’s take control of that common urge to ‘want to do everything’, banish those perfectionist tendencies, and focus on what matters most for you so that you can move forward in your life and your business with more ease.