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My Guest Podcast Appearances

Tune in to my latest guest podcast recordings where I discuss with my fellow host how to bring more focus, flow and joy to our day.

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You don’t need to manage your time, you need to design it in

In conversation with Chrissy Hawkins, an Equestrian strength coach and Neuromuscular therapist.

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Making your wellness business a reality: Just Start Now member stories

In conversation with Vicky Shilling, the Wellness Business Mentor, and other members of Just Start Now.

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How time design can help structure your day

In conversation with Vicky Shilling, the Wellness Business Mentor.
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The Rise Podcast - inspirational stories to help us rise together

In conversation with Katie Oman, women’s empowerment coach.

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How to create a daily schedule that sticks

In conversation with Marian Hearne, registered nutritional therapist, specialising in women over 40 wellness.

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How finding flow in your day can help you feel more aligned

In conversation with Ana Stefan, the Aligned Body Coach.