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Focus and Flow Power Hour

Unlock your productivity potential and find your flow with this 60 minute 1-to-1 coaching session.

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Feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your purpose-driven business?

Let’s work together to bring more focus and flow to your day.

During our 60 minute session, we’ll focus on a current challenge which is holding you back from creating the focus and flow to your day that you’re craving right now.

We’ll work together to get you unstuck – and shift you forward in your business.

A Focus and Flow Power Hour is for you if you 

  • Feel overwhelmed by your to-do list and struggle to fit everything in to your ever expanding working day. 
  • Wish you could wave a magic wand and you would have the clarity you crave to decide what to actually focus on to move forward in your new business.
  • Want to talk about your ONE biggest time management challenge right now with a coach who has been where you are now and leave with the clarity and focus that will help you move forward with confidence.
  • Constantly question where your time is actually going and would like to sit down with an expert to get a fresh perspective on your weekly schedule.
  • Feel like you never switch off and would love to build some new healthy habits into your day.

Pick ONE time management challenge and let’s work together to help bring more focus and flow to your day.

How does it work?

Book your power hour and come prepared with your ONE biggest time management challenge which you would like to focus on during our 60 minute session.

Come with a curious and open mind as I ask you a series of questions to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Leave with a realistic and achievable action plan that you are excited about implementing. 

No need to take notes as you can receive a copy of the recording afterwards if you wish.

Pay the invoice for £100 which is payable ahead of the session.

Your focus and flow champion

Hi, I’m Louisa – a Time Design Coach.

I love helping my clients to redefine how they spend their time, energy and attention in order to lead a more fulfilling life without the frazzle.

Finding focus and flow…

Louisa helped me see the bigger picture through our coaching session together.

I’d got bogged down in the details and it was hard to see the wood from the trees.

I realised having moved from Barcelona to Dublin that there were less options outside of the ‘9 – 5’ hours that had left me feeling stuck in a ‘work-like’ routine that wasn’t aligned with the main reasons I went freelance in the first place.

I found the session with Louisa very helpful for working out what my next, small and achievable, steps would be without feeling overwhelmed or adding to a long to-do list. Thanks Louisa!

Freelance Trainer & Consultant, Dublin

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we realistically cover in an hour?

Whilst we obviously won’t be able to unpick all of your beliefs and challenges around time in a one hour session alone, you’ll be surprised at the shifts and “aha” moments a Power Hour can achieve. And if you feel at the end of the session like you want to dive deeper, there’s always Rebalance.

What can you offer that Google can't?

If you’ve already lost countless hours searching for a quick fix to your time management issues on Dr Google, I think you can probably answer that one yourself. This is about a laser focus on YOU and what you need. And giving you accountability to take real action to move the needle. 

I’ve already read all the time management books but I still haven’t managed to deal with my time management issues, how can you help?

These things are great, in theory, but really they don’t go far enough. You need a bit of hand holding and guidance through implementing the bits that will really work for you. 

Being coached is all about setting goals and answering lots of questions, how is that going to be useful?

I’d imagine you’re feeling a bit lost, up in your head and muddled about what to do next as you’re here on this page. Coaching is exactly what you need to shift out of that state and into intentional action mode.

Book a session today, start finding more focus and flow to your day and feel more fulfilled and less frazzled.