Your day, your way Power Hour

Create more focus and flow with 1-2-1 support

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Struggling to keep focused on what will help you move forward in your business as a solopreneur?

Let’s work together to create more focus.

During our 60 minute session, we’ll focus on ONE challenge holding you back from creating focus and flow to your day. We’ll work together to get you unstuck – and shift you forward in your business.

I see you ….

Constantly questioning where your time is going and feeling like you have very little ‘to show’ for the time you’ve spent working on key projects.

Feeling controlled by your ever growing ‘to do’ list which is driving you crazy, leaving you feeling tired and anxious, and unfulfilled but you don’t have the headspace to take control.

Desperate to create a structure to your day that works better for you and your needs, but you don’t know where to start. How would it work anyway?


Knowing how to manage your relationship with time more effectively, so you could get more done each day

Having a structure to your day to keep you focused on your priorities and keep those distractions at bay

Feeling confident that the tasks you’re working on every day are taking you a step closer towards your goals

Understanding what’s not quite working and why, and making a few tweaks to your schedule so that it better meets your needs

Your focus and flow champion

Hi, I’m Louisa – a Time Design Coach.

I love helping solopreneurs redefine their relationship with time in order to lead a more fulfilling life without the frazzle.

A Power Hour is for you if:

  • You want to understand what’s stopping you from getting more done each day and need an outside perspective to help you get back on track.
  • You have a set of goals for your business but don’t know how to translate them into quarterly goals or a set of daily or weekly tasks.
  • You know how you would like to spend your time but are struggling to create some structure to your day that works for you and your needs.
  • You desperately need to build in some self-care habits into your day because your well-being is starting to suffer as you build your business, but you don’t know what would help or how to create the space in your schedule.
  • You would like to make a few tweaks to your schedule and would appreciate talking it through with someone .

Finding focus and flow…

I was very impressed that in just one session, Louisa was able to help me come to my own conclusions about what is getting in the way of me completing some key tasks on my daily to-do list. Her coaching style is fun, relaxed – the perfect environment to re-evaluate time management issues in a constructive and non-critical way.

Sarah Halliday

What would help you most to find your focus and flow right now?

Choose one of the Time Design Approach 5 pillars to focus your session on:

1. UNDERSTANDING your own personal relationship with time

Use your Power Hour to understand what’s getting in the way of you spending time working on your business and what’s really behind your lack of focus and growing dependence on your mobile phone.

2. CREATING clarity about your goals e.g. for wellbeing, business and passion projects

Use your Power Hour to translate your annual goals into realistic and measurable quarterly goals that will help you focus on what to do over the next 90 days – rather than the whole year.

3. STRUCTURING your day to focus on the actions that will help you make progress towards your goals

Use your Power Hour to focus on creating a series of daily and/or weekly tasks which align to your goals and will help you make progress towards them.

4. DEVELOPING self-discipline so you can stick to these actions – and a healthy set of routines, habits and boundaries

Use your Power Hour to focus on developing a schedule for your day. Bring more focus and flow. Manage those distractions; build in more time for self-care activities or create some stronger boundaries to feel more confident about saying no.

5. REFLECTING on your progress, refining your habits and practices and, celebrating your successes!

Use your Power Hour to reflect on where you would like to make some adjustments to your schedule.

Pick ONE area and let’s work together to help bring more focus and flow to your day for just £100.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we realistically cover in an hour?

Whilst we obviously won’t be able to unpick all of your beliefs and challenges around time in a one hour session alone, you’ll be surprised at the shifts and “aha” moments a Power Hour can achieve. And if you feel at the end of the session like you want to dive deeper, there’s always Rebalance.

What can you offer that Google can't?

If you’ve already lost countless hours searching for a quick fix to your time management issues on Dr Google, I think you can probably answer that one yourself. This is about a laser focus on YOU and what you need. And giving you accountability to take real action to move the needle. 

I’ve already read all the time management books but I still haven’t managed to deal with my time management issues, how can you help?

These things are great, in theory, but really they don’t go far enough. You need a bit of hand holding and guidance through implementing the bits that will really work for you. 

Being coached is all about setting goals and answering lots of questions, how is that going to be useful?

I’d imagine you’re feeling a bit lost, up in your head and muddled about what to do next as you’re here on this page. Coaching is exactly what you need to shift out of that state and into intentional action mode.

Book a session today, start finding more focus and flow to your day and feel more fulfilled and less frazzled.