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Unlock Your Brilliance

A 1-to-1 90-day coaching programme for female business owners just starting out on your solopreneurship journey.

Let’s build a structure to master your day, achieve your goals, and ignite your creativity, as you embark on your journey as a solopreneur.

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You’re ready to turn your passion into a thriving business but, now your studies are over, you feel like a fish out of water.

You’re overwhelmed, terrified about showing up in your business, and it seems like every man and his dog is trying to sell you a method to grow your business overnight.

It’s all so much to take in and you’ve ended up feeling distracted and stuck instead of excited.

You’re not alone.

Let’s spend the next 3 months navigating through this transitional period together.

Focusing not only on your business but also your well-being and that passion project you’ve been wanting to start, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach.

We’ll craft a daily structure that aligns with your aspirations, turning your solopreneurial dreams into your daily reality.

I see you ….

Feeling overwhelmed by the myriad tasks for your business, unsure where to direct your attention.

Perhaps you attempt a bit of everything, only to end up feeling you’ve accomplished nothing —a frustrating experience, no doubt.

Caught up in the current task, time slips away unnoticed.

Before you know it, hours pass, and you haven’t left your seat, determined to make progress on a new project—like crafting that first blog post or navigating the complexities of creating your first web page.

Surprised by the organisational challenges that accompany being your own boss, you’re finding decision-making more daunting than expected.

Distractions, from the inbox to social media and your mobile phone, seem to have multiplied, leaving you wondering, “What’s happening to me?”

Let’s unravel these challenges and restore clarity and focus as you navigate your solopreneurial journey.

Hey there, wonderful solopreneur,

You have a lot on your plate right now.

Let’s work together to understand your goals (e.g. for you, your well-being, your business and that passion project that’s always there in the background); and create a structure to your day that fills up your cup rather than depleting it. 


Finally taking stock of all your current commitments (e.g. for you, your business, your well-being and your passion project/hobbies) and culling those which no longer serve or give you energy, now that you have finished your studies, handed in your notice at work and  starting out into the world of solopreneurship!

Creating a set of realistic and motivating goals for you, your well-being, your business and that passion project that you are desperate to get underway now otherwise you fear it will never happen.


Building a structure to your day (now that you finally get to choose how you spend your time whilst the kids are at school at least!) as you become clearer about how you want to spend your time on your business and on your other projects too.

Feeling confident that this tailored structure will keep you on track and manage that tendency you sometimes have for bright shiny new courses/books/__________(fill in the blank!) when you’re not feeling 100% committed to the task at hand.

Finally knowing and protecting your power hours (i.e. when your energy levels are at their optimum) for those super taxing projects that zap so much of your brain power.

Looking forward to your regular, short and nourishing breaks to recharge both mentally and physically. Ready to get straight back into that work project, feeling refreshed and focused rather than wondering – what was I doing? How do I get back into this task again, my energy levels are so depleted now.

Still having energy in the tank to enjoy the time you spend with your kids once they’re home from school and, taking some time just for you and your partner after you’ve read them a bedtime story and tucked them in for the night. 

Now that you’ve entered the world of solopreneurship, let’s work together to build a structure for your day that works for your new lifestyle, reflects your goals and leaves you feeling fulfilled rather than frazzled. 

Unlock Your Brilliance: The 90-Day Coaching Programme for Female Solopreneurs will support you to create a structure to your day that reflects the person you want to be, now that you’re finally in control of how you spend your time (well, whilst the kids are at school at least!).

Working through my 5 pillar approach, we will focus on:

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Unlock the secrets of your unique relationship with time for a more empowered and intentional life.

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Craft a crystal-clear vision for you, your well-being, your business, and that passion project. 

structuring icon


Align your routine with your goals, eliminate distractions, and focus on the things that matter most to you

developing icon


Establish unshakeable self-discipline. Embrace healthy routines, habits, and boundaries. Say ‘no’ to distractions, ‘yes’ to efficiency.

reflecting icon


Navigate your solopreneurial journey with confidence. Reflect, refine, and celebrate your successes as you and your business evolve.

How it works

Unlock your brilliance is your comprehensive guide to a more empowered and intentional life. We will work closely together over 90 days to help you navigate the transition into solopreneurship. Here’s how it works:

  • Onboarding Questionnaire – complete a comprehensive questionnaire before your first session to tailor the coaching experience to your unique needs.
  • Progress Check-ins – complete mid-programme and end-of-programme questionnaires to gather insights, track progress, and integrate the learning in your daily structure and routine.
  • Personalised Coaching Sessions – participate in six 60-minute 1-to-1 coaching sessions via Zoom, tailored to address your specific challenges and goals.
  • Session Recordings and Summaries – receive recordings and session summaries, eliminating the need to take extensive notes during our discussions.
  • Voxer Support – enjoy additional personalised support in between sessions for quick questions, reflections, or accountability if you are being tempted off track by ‘bright shiny things’.
  • Tailor-Made Checklists or Processes – receive custom checklists or streamlined processes for two of your routine tasks (e.g., writing a blog post) to enhance efficiency and bring more enjoyment into your workflow.
  • Reflective Questions – receive a set of questions in between sessions to encourage reflection on key learnings, fostering deeper personal insights.

Unlock Your Brilliance is your comprehensive guide to a more empowered and intentional life.

Your Investment

Introductory price: £1,500 or 3 monthly instalments of £500

Nothing short of transformational

Working with Louisa has been nothing short of transformational. Prior to coaching I felt overwhelmed by the juggling act that is all of my commitments, and a horrible sense of guilt and selfishness at any thought of trying to carve out time for myself when so many others rely on me.

Louisa guided me to a place where I felt comfortable and confident in protecting time for myself by introducing a structured approach that really suits me and my preferences, but also works for others around me and the reality of what my week looks like.

As a result, I am more focused and fully present, and the feelings of guilt and selfishness are diminishing.


 Unlock Your Brilliance Is For You If…

  • Your schedule feels chaotic, and time slips away without tangible progress. This programme is designed to help you reclaim control and make your time work for you.
  • Whether you’re just starting or looking to level up your solopreneurial journey. This programme caters to female entrepreneurs seeking to build their businesses while maintaining a balanced life.
  • You struggle to define clear goals for your well-being, business, and passion projects. This programme provides the tools and guidance to create a vision and set achievable objectives.
  • You find yourself easily pulled in different directions by distractions. This programme offers strategies to eliminate them, allowing you to focus on what truly matters for your personal and professional growth.
  • You seek empowerment, self-reflection, and the celebration of your successes along your solopreneurial journey. This programme provides a supportive space for you to evolve into your best, empowered self.

Unlock Your Brilliance Isn’t For You If…

  • You’re resistant to introspection and refining your habits. This programme emphasises self-reflection and may not align with your preferred learning style.
  • You’re not prepared to actively implement changes in your daily life. This programme is action-oriented, and its effectiveness relies on your commitment to applying the strategies presented.
  • You’re seeking instant results without being willing to invest time and effort into a transformative journey. This programme is focused on sustainable growth rather than quick fixes.
  • You’re not ready to prioritise your mental and physical well-being as an integral part of your success strategy. This programme may not align with your values.
  • You’re looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. This programme is tailored for individual growth and success, recognising the uniqueness of each of my client’s individual journeys.

I found the clarity I needed

I really appreciated the time to reflect with Louisa, I knew I was juggling a lot of different competing priorities but vocalising and talking them through helped me find the clarity I needed. This is the second time I’ve had coaching with Louisa – last time I went from daring to dream about turning my passion into a reality, to switching careers. I’m now living the thing I dreamt about! Thank you Louisa 🙂 


Guiding you as you unlock your brilliance 

I’m Louisa, your Time Design Coach

Having transitioned from a career working for two major UK charities to retrain as a personal performance coach, I now work with women like you to create more structure to your day. 

My focus is on helping you to reclaim your time, energy, and attention for the things that matter most to you.

In the face of the overwhelming and burnout-inducing nature of modern life, I believe there’s a better way forward.

Reflecting on my own frustration with how I spent my time post my 9-5 life and during the establishment of my coaching business, I’ve been on my own journey of discovery to figure out how to create a structure to my day that aligns more closely with my goals and without burning out.

Now you get to skip some of those steps (saving you valuable time and tears!) and jump straight to the secrets and wisdom I discovered along the way.

Louisa Daubney Time Design Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the 1-to-1 coaching sessions scheduled?

To gain the most from the coaching programme, the sessions will run every other week, giving you a chance to take action, embed the learning and gain valuable insights.

What if I need to reschedule a coaching session?

Life happens, and flexibility is key. We can work together to find an alternative time that fits both our schedules as long as I received at least 48 hours notice. 

Can I join the programme if I'm just starting my solopreneur journey?

Yes! The programme has been designed to support you if you’re just starting out.

Will I receive recordings of the coaching sessions?

Yes, each session will be recorded, and you’ll also receive a summary afterward. No need to take extensive notes during our discussions.

How does the Voxer support work in between sessions?

Voxer is a ‘walkie-talkie’ app that allows for real-time voice messaging. It’s a convenient way to ask quick questions, share reflections, or receive guidance between our scheduled sessions.

Tell me more about the mid-programme and end-of-programme questionnaires?

These questionnaires are designed to gather insights about your progress, learnings, and any adjustments needed in the programme to ensure it continues to meet your evolving needs and goals on this journey of discovery.

What if I'm not sure about my specific goals at the beginning of the programme?

That’s completely okay! We can dedicate a whole session to help you on your way towards getting clearer about your goals.

Are we a good fit? 

The only way to find out is if we have a chat and get to know each other.

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