Design your day, your way

Let’s get you feeling more fulfilled and less frazzled

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I see you

Pulling your hair out over trying to choose between all the creative ideas that keep popping into your brain and demanding attention – your brain feels like a high speed blender, without the lid on! 

Pouring yourself yet another coffee at 7pm in order to get something – anything – ticked off your list because you spent half the day trying to work out where to start and how to get your creativity flowing.

Lying awake at night and running through that same old, “maybe I’m not cut out for this” loop. It feels like your vision of what life would be like after the 9-5 is so far out of reach.

Are you ready to…

Feel more grounded, energised and motivated for the day ahead.

Start your working day with a clear plan which aligns with your goals – for you, your business and your wellbeing.

Tap into full flowing energy and creativity.

Take charge of your to do list – knowing you get to choose.

Finally have protected time to delve into that passion project you’ve been dreaming about starting for years.

Finish the working day feeling fulfilled and ready to enjoy your evening with your partner/loved ones

Slip into a good night’s sleep that restores you for another day of taking aligned action.

Look, it’s not just you. You haven’t “failed” because you haven’t nailed this – yet. And you aren’t destined to burnout, again and again.

You simply haven’t discovered a way to design your day, your way – yet. But that’s about to change.

My 5 pillar approach to designing your day, your way to bring more fulfilment and less frazzle focuses on:

understanding icon


from a place of self compassion, your own personal relationship with time

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clarity about your goals e.g. for well-being, business and passion projects

structuring icon


your day to focus on the actions that will help you make progress towards your goals

developing icon


self-discipline to support you to stick to these actions and to a healthy set of routines, habits and boundaries

reflecting icon


on your progress, refining your habits and practices and, celebrating your successes!

It’s time to get designing

Your Day Your Way Power Hour

Create more focus and flow with 1-2-1 support. Let’s get you unstuck – and shift you forward in your business.

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Revitalise your daily schedule with the Time and Energy Audit

Revamp your schedule and reclaim more of your time, energy and attention for the things that matter most to you during this 90 minute 1-2-1 session.

Rebalance your time and energy

This 3 month, 1-2-1 programme will help you to get back on track and focused on what actually matters to you. Let’s unlock fulfilment and freedom.

Look who’s discovered their way

Louisa made me feel very comfortable and was very open and easy to chat to. I found it useful to talk through the differences in managing my time working for myself versus being employed by a company. It was clear from our conversation that I need to work on my boundaries and that by implementing more structure in my week it will help me to incorporate more time for my own well-being. 


Brand and Web Designer

I liked the honest and constructive conversation that I had with Louisa and her non-judgemental and empathetic approach. It was positive and encouraging to help me in creating a healthier and a practical way to manage my time more productively and constructively. It was also good to know that it’s not just me.


Wellness and Health Entrepreneur

Guiding you to freedom and fulfilment

Hi, I’m Louisa The Time Design Coach.

Since leaving the formal structure of the corporate 9-5, retraining as a personal performance coach and now establishing my coaching business, I have been grappling with how to design my day in a way that gives me more focus and flow, and less frazzle by the end of the working bit of it!

I’m a time management geek at heart.

This fascination with how to spend my time differently, has led me to carry out a number of experiments into how to structure my day.

And now I’ve crafted a framework that I know works – and I want to share that with you.

Louisa Time Design Coach

Time Design Coaching is for you if you want to:

  • Understand your relationship with time and reframe your beliefs.
  • Get clear on your goals for your wellbeing, business and/or passion project.
  • Break down your vision and focus on daily tasks that actually connect to your goals.
  • Stop just taking courses and finally take decisive action to get your business seen.
  • Be more disciplined so that you can focus on what matters most.
  • Prioritise from the hundreds of creative projects bubbling away in your head.
  • Take more time for self care to protect your creativity and look after your well-being
  • Manage your perfectionist tendencies.
  • Protect the boundaries around your work – with the structure and discipline to realise your vision for your business.

    Yes, all of this is possible for you. And I’ve got your back.